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How to Participate

Interested in participating in Canada's Healthy Workplace Week 2003? Here you will find a menu of ideas and activities you can adapt to your organization.

Use this personal planner [PDF] as your own guide for ideas and activities to participate in the week.

Looking for some guidance in planning CHWW in your organization? Check out this sample organizational planner [PDF] for timelines, activities and more!

Activity 1:

What are the top drivers of employee retention? What do you know about the affects of job stress? How much do you know about organizational health? Take this short online Organizational Health Quiz [PDF] to find out. Encourage your colleagues to do the same!

Activity 2:

What about your overall personal health? Do you know how much calcium you should be getting daily? Taken a vacation lately? What's your risk of getting cancer from second hand smoke? Take this quick online Personal Wellness Quiz [PDF] to find out!

Activity 3:

What does it take to plan a Workplace Health Fair Why are they effective? How do you get started? We've provided you with ideas and a how-to guide to host a Workplace Health Fair in your organization during Canada's Healthy Workplace Week, October 20 - 26, 2003.

Activity 4:

NCR Canada shares their secret to being on the leading edge with a healthy planning strategy that has become a win-win for this employer and its employees. Download this 1000-word article featuring NCR's healthy planning strategy [PDF] to share with others in your organization in a newsletter or on an intranet.

Activity 5:

Healthy Planning for small business. Feature article available soon!

Activity 6:

Canada's Healthy Workplace Week 2003 make a commitment to ask your employees for their suggestions on how to create a healthier workplace by creating an Employee Feedback System and implement those suggestions that are feasible.

Activity 7:

Bring in a dynamic guest speaker during Canada's Healthy Workplace Week to energize your employees and help your organization work toward a healthier workplace!

Activity 8:

Send a staff person to attend the 7th annual Health, Work & Wellness Conference- Leading by Example and bring back ideas to implement in your workplace.

Activity 9:

Increase CEO/Executive Team visibility by planning to have your organization's senior executives meet with employees during Canada's Healthy Workplace Week. Effective communication is one of the key success factors of a healthy workplace. We've provided you working examples and planning suggestions and tips.