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How to Participate

For companies and individuals interested in participating in Canada's Healthy Workplace Week 2004, this page will provide you with a menu of ideas and activities you can adapt to your organization.

For individuals, use this personal planner as your own guide for ideas and activities to participate in the week.

For organizations, check out this sample organizational planner for some guidance in planning timelines and activities for CHWW in your organization!

Activity 1: 12 Gifts for Workplace Support and Affirmation (Download Now PDF Document)

What better way to foster an environment of trust, respect and support in your workplace than to give your co-workers some of the attached "gifts"? Print off the attached "12 Gifts" and incorporate it into your company newsletter, or post copies of this around your workplace. Or simply make a conscious effort to individually give away each one of these 12 Gifts sometime during CHWW. And don't stop when Healthy Workplace Week is over! Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that make the biggest difference!

Activity 2: Take a Wellness Break today! (Download Now PDF Document)

Incorporating healthy activities into your workday are an easy way to improve your own well-being while at work. What better time to start than during Canada's Healthy Workplace Week? During this week and throughout the year, make a commitment to try some of these suggested activities. If you're planning CHWW activities for your organization, print off this attachment for others, or email it out to your colleagues. Share your ideas! - If there is something you do to give yourself a break during the day, please e-mail your idea to us so that we can share it with others!

Activity 3: The Neighbour @ Work Cross Country Challenge (Download Now PDF Document)

How neighbourly is your workplace? Send out this challenge across your workplace and gather stories about your colleagues being neighbourly. Email us your stories for a chance to win prizes! See attachment for details.

Activity 4: Small Business Story (Download Now PDF Document)

This is a story of how Workplace Wellness offers a competitive advantage to this 32 person organization - Pazmac Enterprises Ltd. Download this 1200-word article featuring Pazmac's people strategy to share with others in your organization in a newsletter or on an intranet.

Activity 5: Personal Health Quiz (Download Now PDF Document)

This quiz is designed to help you test your knowledge about key factors in maintaining and improving your personal well-being. Try it yourself and/or download it to incorporate into the CHWW activities at your workplace - in a staff newsletter or on your intranet.

Activity 6: Health, Work & Wellness Conference (Download Now PDF Document)

Attend or send someone to the 8th annual Health, Work & Wellness Conference - October 28-30, 2004 to bring back practical strategies to use in your workplace for achieving healthy and successful organizational change.

Activity 7: Healthy Workplace Day (Download Now PDF Document)

Hosting an organization-wide health day is a great way to celebrate Canada's Healthy Workplace Week at your workplace, while increasing awareness about workplace and personal health!

Activity 8: Organizational Health Quiz (Download Now PDF Document)

Test your knowledge on workplace health! Take this quiz yourself, use the downloadable version in your company newsletter, or incorporate the quiz into an interactive presentation at your workplace during CHWW!

Activity 9: Workplace Stretch Breaks (Download Now PDF Document)

The human body is not designed to stay in one position all day long - but many of us sit or stand at work for extended periods of time. Canada's Healthy Workplace Week is an opportune time to change this! Download and post these stretch-break ideas in your workplace, or use them yourself at your workstation.

Activity 10: Stairway to Health

Looking to start a fun and innovative new program to in your workplace that will help your employees to stay active? Why not use the week of CHWW to launch the Stairway to Health program? [www.hc-sc.gc.ca] All the information you need is just a click away!