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Long-Term Organizational Health Strategies

Embarking on a strategic approach to a healthier workplace is a long-term investment, but there is a step-by-step approach that you can take.

The following links will guide you through developing long-term, successful strategies to enhance the well-being of your people:

1. Making it Easy for People to Provide Ongoing Input
Creating and sustaining a healthy workplace environment requires a balance between leadership involvement and employee empowerment. Click here for ideas on involving employees in changing your workplace culture for the better!

2. Aligning Your Healthy Workplace and Human Resources Development Strategies
Creating a clear link between human resource planning and your healthy workplace strategy helps to align both with the overall business goals of your organization.

3. Developing a Communications Plan for Your Organization's Health Policies and Strategies Open and continuous communication is a key success factor to healthy workplace development. Check out these tips for developing a communications plan for your organizational health strategy!

4. Overcoming Barriers
What are some of the barriers keeping your organization from becoming healthier? Click here to learn how to identify and remove them!

5. Determining Training & Development Needs
Ensuring that all employees have the appropriate skills to perform their work is integral to a healthy workplace. Click here for ideas on determining your training and development needs!

6. Encouraging Employees to Participate in Workplace Health Matters
Employee participation in promotion, development and implementation of healthy workplace activities creates excitement and increases ownership at all levels. Check out the ideas here for involving employees in your workplace health strategies.

7. Developing a Process to Measure Employee Satisfaction & Morale
Good evaluation measures provide decision-makers with the data to be able to assess the effectiveness of healthy workplace strategies. Click here for some suggestions on this process.

8. Recognizing Employee Achievements
Healthy workplaces provide an opportunity for a good balance between effort and reward. This means understanding what makes employees feel recognized and implementing measures to reward them for their efforts.