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2005 Activities

For organizations and individuals interested in participating in Canada's Healthy Workplace Week 2005, this page will provide you with a selection of ideas and activities that can be adapted to fit your needs.

The Activities are separated into 3 sections:

Each of the activities has been provided by consultants who practice in the field of organizational health and wellness. To read more on each of the consultants, click here.


For individuals, use the personal planner as your own guide for ideas and activities to participate in the week.

Activity 1: A Shift of Attention in the Workplace

Each one of us has the ability to make our workplace a better one. Cultivating a healthy work environment requires the efforts of every person in an organization. Whether you're an employee or an employer, take time during Canada's Healthy Workplace Week (and beyond!) to shift your attention by trying some of these ideas to reduce stress, improve personal balance, and promote a healthy culture at work.

Provided by: Constructive Living Learning Centre

Activity 2: Going Beyond Balance - The Life-Work Integrity Assessment™ for Individuals

Do you ever feel that your struggle for balance is a losing battle? Try this activity and learn how to build higher levels of health, engagement, performance, fulfillment and vitality. Assess your alignment and permanently shift it from surviving to thriving in all areas of your life and work.

Provided by: Kyosei Consulting International

Activity 3: Resilience: A Key Skill for Surviving in Today's Workplace

Resilient people have key skills - they recognize stress symptoms, respond appropriately and take time for renewal. The following activities can be used for yourself or with your team to develop these key skills, and become more resilient! Read more

Provided by: Mac Donald Consulting

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The following activities are designed to assist managers in building healthier work teams and achieving healthy outcomes.

Activity 4: An Action Checklist for Building Healthy Workplaces

Are you on the right track to developing a healthy work environment? Here is a guide to the issues that should be fully considered and addressed when developing and implementing a healthy workplace change agenda.

Provided by: The Graham Lowe Group Inc.

Activity 5: Thriving on Strengths - Building Capacity in Your Work Teams

The ability to harness the strengths of your employees is a key leverage point for building the capacity of organizations, work-teams and individuals to thrive. This activity provides practical tips and activities to enhance energy, engagement, and performance by aligning the roles of each person on your team with their strengths.

Provided by: Kyosei Consulting International

Activity 6: How Healthy is my Work Culture? An Introduction to the Neighbour@Work Approach

Take this self-assessment to learn more about how your actions, and the actions of your co-workers can affect your workplace culture.

Provided by: Wellness Matters

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Check out this sample organizational planner for some guidance in planning timelines and activities for CHWW in your organization!

Activity 7: Living Well! Cross Canada Challenge

What better way to celebrate Canada's Healthy Workplace Week (CHWW) in your organization than to implement the Living Well! Cross Canada Challenge? This could be an opportunity for you to make your colleagues aware of the many activities that will improve their health and wellness!

Read more!

Adapted from: "Shape-Up Cross Canada Challenge" by Tri Fit Inc.

Activity 8: Organizational Health Audit

Use the Organizational Health Audit to build awareness about workplace health within your organization. It will also help you recognize workplace initiatives that positively influence employee and organizational well-being!

Activity 9: The DaimlerChrysler Story

Daimler Chrysler shares their story about what it takes to sustain a successful organizational health strategy. You are welcome to use this article in your company newsletter or intranet if you wish.

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