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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canada's Healthy Workplace Week (CHWW)?

Canada's Healthy Workplace Week is a time designated to increase awareness of how important healthy workplaces are to the long-term success of organizations. Through CHWW, we encourage Canadian organizations, large and small, to learn about and participate in organizational health, prevention and wellness strategies.

CHWW is also an opportunity to make Canadian organizations aware of the valuable workplace health research, tools and resources available. Many are listed on this website.

When does the week take place?

The week takes place annually during the last full week of October. CHWW 2005 will take place October 24– 30.

Future Dates:

Why was Canada's Healthy Workplace Week developed?

Although there are several health and wellness related national observances throughout the year including Heart Month in February and Nutrition Month in March, no time was specific to comprehensive workplace health. Our focus is the strategic development of leadership, cultural and program based solutions to organizational health issues.

Who is behind Canada's Healthy Workplace Week?

CHWW is managed by three organizations: the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, HWW Conference Inc., and the National Quality Institute, under the overall direction the Canadian Healthy Workplace Council. Sponsors of the annual event are listed on the right hand side of this page.

Where will Canada's Healthy Workplace Week take place?

CHWW will take place within any organization that wants to promote it. This resource - healthyworkplaceweek.ca - has been created to give you ideas on how to get started by providing both long-term strategies and a variety of activities for the week. It contains links with valuable information, research and resources on workplace health.

Remember, healthyworkplaceweek.ca gives you year-round resources for building your Healthy Workplace!

Who can participate?

Everyone! Any group or organization that is willing and has the initiative to be well (or to get well) can participate! Even small businesses with just a few employees can get involved.

How do organizations participate?

Organizations can participate in any fashion they see fit! "2005 Activities" offers a menu of ideas and activities to adapt to your organization. We also encourage organizations to maintain a healthy workplace all year long so we’ve provided ideas for developing more long-term strategies toward comprehensive workplace health. The Long-term Strategies page includes information on how organizations can build a foundation for a healthy workplace through Healthy Workplace Planning.

Can I contribute ideas or suggestions?

If you have any websites or resources that you think should be listed on healthyworkplaceweek.ca please contact us and provide the website address and a brief description.

Please let us know how you plan to participate or how you participated last year so we can share your ideas with others. To do so, contact us so we can post it on healthyworkplaceweek.ca.

What resources are available for use in my organization?

In addition to communicating information about CHWW, healthyworkplaceweek.ca is a central resource for organizational health in Canada. Visit the Resource Well for links to other health and wellness sites, books, articles and reports.

Visit our new online CHWW boutique to order posters and other promotional items to help promote Canada’s Healthy Workplace Week in your organization!