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Healthy Workplace Outcomes
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Healthy Workplace Outcomes

What outcomes to measure?

The best place to begin is to look back at your healthy workplace strategy and identify your goals and objectives; - the areas or issues your organization chose to focus on improving and what you had hoped to achieve. Ideally, your healthy workplace strategy is structured so that outcomes and performance targets are identified for each of the key issues. These targets will give you a good indication of the specific healthy workplace indicators you should be measuring. For instance, if your performance targets included improving attendance and reducing turnover, then you would likely want to measure absenteeism rates, attrition, work satisfaction and morale; rather than measuring drug utilization rates.

Some qualitative and quantitative indicators of a healthy workplace are listed below along with a selection of outcomes to measure:

The key is converting evaluation data into useable knowledge that can inform decisions and actions at every level of the organization.

Workplace Health in Action:

In 1999, MDS Nordion, a Canada's Award for Excellence (CAE) Healthy Workplace Award winner reported a significant drop in grievances to less than 5 per year as a result of its healthy workplace strategy.

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